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Top 6 Beaches to Watch Sunsets in Mumbai

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Top 10 attraction and Places To Visit In Mumbai

1. Marine drive

Marine Drive is a km long, an arc-shaped boulevard along the South Mumbai coast, beginning from the southern end of Nariman Point and closure at the celebrated Chowpatty beach. The drift lines the Arabian ocean and is the best place to watch the dusk in Mumbai, or even to simply go for a restful walk by the ocean whenever of the day or night. 
The Marine Drive is otherwise called the Queen's necklace by virtue of its shape and yellow streetlights. It makes for a dynamite see around evening time - you can go to either end of Marine Drive after dusk and see the lights sparkling in an immaculate bend up and down the drift. Individuals come to stroll here at night to encounter the splendid nightfall. It is additionally one of the spots individuals visits late around evening time, and you will discover merchants offering chai and sutta at painfully inconvenient times. The sound of the waves, a perspective of the Mumbai horizon and the starry sky effortlessly make Marine D…

Top 10 Famous Dishes of Delhi

In the event that you ask a Delhiite what are two things that truly emerge for them about the city, it would be the rich history and the mouth-watering sustenance. Presently, I need to concede this blog beyond any doubt got me worked up. It's intense being conceived in a city which offers such a rich decent variety of foods, add to that the reality I'm Punjabi, and kiddo we want to eat! Delhi is a blend of different societies and races who advance the assortment of the gastronomic range in the city.From Chandni Chowk to Majnu ka Tilla, Delhi is packed with numerous culinary joys. So with no further ado, I present to you my rundown of best 10 well-known dishes of Delhi. 1. Paranthas
From being the ideal beginning to a "healthy" morning in most Delhi family units to a feast for hungry understudies and even late-night snakes, paranthas are certainly on the highest priority on the rundown with regards to my most loved sustenance in Delhi. Look over a plain one or select a…

Top 10 Travel Spots and Things to do in pune

The city of Pune like a chameleon, it changes hues starting with one day then onto the next, a blend of societies and thoughts. For a considerable length of time, its appeal and calm made Pune the fantasy goal for retirees from India. It is also India's most supported city for training because of the nearness of choice colleges. Today, it's an IT center point and one of the nation's most well-known spots to develop a begin. A rich history and contemporary culture mix consistently, explore both easily with the assistance of our manual for the 10 best places see In Pune.

Aga Khan Palace Aga Khan Palace is built in 1892 by Sultan Aga Khan III, this elegant building was expected to be a wellspring of work for the starvation struck villagers in the encompassing territories. Amid the battle for autonomy from the British, numerous flexibility warriors were detained here. Gandhi, as well, was detained here amid the Quit India development. Today, an accumulation of pictures and photo…

10 Most Interesting and Unknown Facts about Varanasi

Varanasi, also called Kashi or Banaras is a standout amongst the most imperative journeys of the Hindu religion, which has earned the titles like "the City of Temple" and "Religious Capital of India". The city attracts thousands of pilgrims every year, notwithstanding such individuals from around the world who are keen on the religion and also social legacy of this astounding nation. The incalculable temples, ghats, and colleges of the city are the real attractions which this city presents for inquisitive voyagers from around the globe.

Here are 10 most interesting and unknown facts about Varanasi:1.  The holy city, which lies on the banks of the frightened River Ganges, is accepted to be the most established living city on the planet, which as indicated by the legend is the home Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. It is trusted that the individual who inhales his last here is certain to accomplish salvation.

2.  Varanasi is the city which has countless temples committed…

Bengaluru Heritage Walk: Discovering the City’s Sights & cultural heritage

To see the City Market’s flower sellers in all their glory, take an early morning walking tour of the Petes.
A woman controls a diverse group of individuals keen on engineering and nearby history into Bengaluru's Krishna Rao Park, at the focal point of which is an inquisitive, deserted structure. A chowkidar opens it and gives us access, and we find an amazing gathering lobby canvassed in webs and winged animal droppings, similar to a scene out of an unnerving film. I never realized that such a place existed right in the core of town. In that setting, Dr. Rachel Lee portrays the arresting story of German planner, Otto Koenigsberger, who composed this structure while he lived and worked in Bengaluru from 1939 to 1948. 
I'd never known about him this day, however I'm taking in a considerable measure of new things on this walk sorted out by the Center for Contemporary Studies at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc). Koenigsberger, who was Jewish, gotten away Nazi oppression…